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WE MAKE YOUR WORK LESS WORK.® Sourcing and custom delivery of supplies with a selection of over 27,000 items available for next day delivery is what we do. • We never take ourselves too seriously • We are passionate about providing the best quality products at the best value possible. Learn why so many customers trust Monkeytown to deliver satisfaction every day.

I am very pleased to share that Monkeytown, the office products company, has become a part of the Storey Kenworthy family of companies. For many years I’ve enjoyed competing with Storey Kenworthy because I’ve long believed that a company can only be as good as its best competition, and Storey Kenworthy has always been the largest and most honest competitor we could find.

I am also pleased because Storey Kenworthy is keeping the location in Vinton and all the people employed by Monkeytown. This means Vinton will continue to receive property tax revenue, local vendors will continue providing services like gasoline and vehicle repairs, and local merchants will benefit from the income spent by employees. If that wasn’t good enough, I am confident the people of Monkeytown I’ve enjoyed working with for many years are going to have better jobs and more opportunities as a result of this transition.

The people of Monkeytown have been involved in many efforts to improve our communities, from supporting food banks to providing transportation of many tons of food from Cedar Rapids to Vinton for Operation Backpack. Storey Kenworthy also has a long history of work improving communities and they will continue having Monkeytown a Storey Kenworthy company provide support for our schools and our communities.

John Kenworthy, President of the Storey Kenworthy family of companies wrote our customers saying, “When I say “family of companies” it isn’t just a figure of speech. We are an 81 year-old company, owned and managed by three generations, and our commitment to customers, employees and the communities we serve is rooted in the values our family has long stood for. Including our Des Moines headquarters, and now with Monkeytown in Vinton as a Storey Kenworthy company, we are now proud to be a local partner in 11 Iowa communities.”

Which brings us to the end of this story. The same people of Monkeytown will be providing their same high level of service, but they will have much more to offer than ever before.

Those of us engaged in marketing services, including myself, Bobbie and Maggie, will continue to provide those services to clients as a new company. We would especially like to thank Virginia Gay Hospital and Benton Development Group for the great opportunities we’ve been given to grow in our capabilities.

If your order was wrong or an item was defective the last thing you need is to waste time completing a return; printing a label, finding a box and making sure you received credit. With Monkeytown returns are truly effortless. We pick the product up the day after you ask to return it and your credit is issued promptly.
Chances are if you need it, we can get it. With over 27,000 items from paper clips to promotional items, from hand sanitizer to technology accessories, from custom printing to office furniture, monkeytown truly is the one stop shop for all your business and personal needs. Plus, we offer free shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase required and most orders arrive the next day.


monkeytown® makes your work less work



MELTS ICE AND SNOW LIKE MAGIC! You’ll be prepared for anything winters throws when you have Snow-Go, your premier deicer product, on hand. It’s unique because it combines and blends sodium chloride and calcium chloride, which creates a chemical reaction generating heat on contact to aid in the removal of ice and snow. These components…


full color custom printing

Business Printing

We have the products to help you manage and promote your business. Build brand awareness and confidence in your company with high-impact, print marketing materials. We can help build your brand so that everything from your stationery and business cards to flyers, brochures and postcards tell your company story in a consistent, eye-catching and memorable…



Ink & Toner Recycling

Alone, individual ink and toner cartridges aren’t worth much but by pooling hundreds or thousands of them together you can help care for the less fortunate while reducing landfill waste. Monkeytown’s Care Now program is designed to help area food banks by donating what we receive for recycling ink and toner cartridges. When you schedule…


5 gallon water bottle

Bottled Water

Enjoy the convenience of easy to handle 5 gallon bottles of water delivered right to you. You choose the quantity you want, delivered when and where you want. It’s just that simple. Need a water cooler? Let us know and we can help with that, too! CLICK HERE for more information.

Just ask Monkeytown means we’re ready and willing to consider every request and yes, to pull a few strings and do a few favors along the way. Need a special discount on a bulk purchase or expensive furniture? Just Ask. Want that file cabinet out of the box, put in its place and the packaging taken away? Just Ask. We’ll even carry those heavy cartons of paper down the hall and up the stairs, and all you have to do is ask.
Just once wouldn’t it be great to say, “I’ll have my people take care of that.” Our customer assistance group in Vinton can be “your people”. As our customer you won’t be talking to someone in a giant cubicle farm. We’re a small group and we know our customers rely on us for finding unfamiliar products, comparing product features, or selling at competitive prices.
Buying from Monkeytown means strengthening the local economy and providing jobs close to home because we purchase everything we can from Iowa companies. A short list of our eastern Iowa purchases include vehicles, repairs, insurance, accounting, and printing. We offer the same products you’re already buying at prices competitive with the largest national companies, and fantastic service is just part of what we do.